In the Life

Human Beauty

First of all I would like to ask who is a human and when can a human be beautiful or become beautiful? Well, a human is someone who has humanity and knows who they are. And if someone has a strong feeling about humanity or thinks about what humanity really is, would it be easy to find the answer?

The beauty of a human belongs to his/her thinking and feeling about others. A human is beautiful when he/she has beautiful thinking about other people in society and sees everything in a beautiful way and always has positive thought about the things which happened in the society.

The beauty of the human is also related to the beauty of the world because if we see the world is so nice it can show us how beautiful human are. Humans' inner beauty can bring more outer beauty to the world.

Thinking in a beautiful way makes someone so beautiful because to think beautiful itself have beauty and give beauty to the human and if the human is so beautiful the society and also that world in which the human is living on that get beauty, but, unlucky as we know and it is common in every society of this world that all people just think about the beauty of the face, think that how nice someone is, how rich someone is and think that that person wears beautiful clothes. They think that these things describe the beauty of a human but; these are just some superficial things. The only thing by which we can remove these things from the society is that to show practically that who are beautiful, the ones who think beautiful or the ones who have beautiful style and the ones who are beautiful. Is a society in which there are people who are beautiful on the inside more advanced or is the society on which there are people who are rich and the people who have nice faces more advanced? Clearly your answer would be the society where there are the people who think beautiful.
I have mentioned here the three things that shows the human beauty, but these are just my idea may be you have different ideas about that, well here are that three things:
• Thinking in a beautiful way.
• Education.
• Good behaviors.

The first one is thinking in a beautiful way as I described it before.
The second one is education, well it is common and everyone knows that education is the thing which makes a human and teaches the human humanity. It shows humans what good and bad is and what is the difference between good and bad, right or wrong and what is the right way and what is the wrong way and we can summarise by saying it teaches the human what is the right hand and what is the left hand, so if we say shortly it is the thing which tells us how to make our life good how to know the things which are related to human life and teaches a human that how he/she can take benefits from the things which are made for them. Education is that thing which shows us who has created us and shows us who Allah is so when we learn all these things itself describe that what is humanity and who is human.

The third thing that tells us about the humanity and human is the good behavior of a person, I have to summarise by saying that if we behave well, a person with good behavior is beautiful. In my idea these were the three key things that are important.

As I said before if someone has nice thinking that person is so beautiful, so we can say that the human beauty needs nice thinking and those things that some people say that to be rich or to be beautiful describes the beauty of the humans and humanity but if we think deeply Allah likes the people who has inner beauty not outer beauty.