From Our Volunteers

About Experiences with AIWR

"AIWR is an incredible organization that provides an amazing opportunity to Afghan women. I have been teaching English with AIWR for just over 2 months. Talking to my student is always a highlight of my week. She is so enthusiastic about learning English. Her motivation, considering all the odds she is up against, is inspirational! I have already recommended this program to many friends!"

"AIWR is making substantial and enduring contributions to girls' education in Afghanistan. The girls risk their lives every day to come to school and learn; they are eager, sincere, and courageous. It is a tremendous honor to connect with Afghan students and work with them to improve their English language reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. I LOVE this organization and our mission so much I've recruited others to teach and spend my free time sharing the word about AIWR's good work. Most of all, I am SO PROUD of our students. They ROCK."

"I've been teaching with AIWR for just under a year now and it is a great experience for me as an English teacher. The Alliance does amazing work matching women living in difficult circumstances with teachers all over the the world. It is heart-warming to see my students' English level improving and inspiring to hear of their stories and plans. The support from the coordinators in Afghanistan and North America is also excellent. Keep up the great work AIWR!"

"Excellent organization and a great cause. I've volunteered here for almost 2 months and love it. I'd recommend it to anyone who feels strongly about educating women!"

"I work with AIWR's English Program in Afghanistan to offer long-distance ESL classes to Afghan women and girls living in Kandahar. Using Skype, I meet twice a week with my student, a bright and bubbly 13-year-old girl, to practice English conversation, promote cross-cultural understanding and simply talk about life. For me, and I hope for her, the experience has been nothing short of incredible."

"As a seasoned volunteer and professional volunteer administrator, I know a well-run nonprofit when I see one, and the Alliance for International Womens Rights (AIWR) is definitely well-run. I currently teach English in China and was enthusiastic about the idea of tutoring women and girls in Afghanistan. Twice a week I have a Skype call with 14 year old Noorzia. We cover the range of English topics from family to school to adding to her growing vocabulary. She's even asked for homework (imagine a student doing that), and AIWR has access to an English as a Second Language website with excellent materials. Their volunteer handbook is thorough, and the volunteer coordinator is always an email or Skype call away to handle concerns. The administrator conducted a thorough volunteer screening interview, and their support has been superb. I can't imagine all the challenges of running a virtual nonprofit, but I think volunteer opportunities like this will continue to expand. When I share my experiences with my college students in China, they're in awe that such a group exists. I am too, and I'm very proud to be part of their work."

"The Alliance for International Women's Rights is one of the most inspiring, grass-roots organizations I've run across in recent years. I love the concept of connecting professional women in the U.S. with women in Afghanistan and other countries with oppressive or troubled regimes. With all the wasteful "noise" we experience in our lives by the inundation of media and communications devices, it's a relief to see an effective, scalable solution like this that empowers people to build a better future for women -- one on one being able to share meaningful skills and support from the safety of their own home or workplace."

"It is impressive what AIWR can do with a small donation. This organization puts all of its resources in to demonstrable action, with a current emphasis on teaching English language skills and professional mentoring for Women in Afghanistan. It's a well-managed organization with worthy goals."

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About Experiences with Students

"I am very proud to be part of this program and see how much change can happen to an individual over the span of three months. We have spent many sessions together where we forget that our 1-hour is up and often go on until she gets kicked off the computer at the ACCC! [My student] is a pleasure to work with and she is always positive and willing to learn. I am lucky to have worked with her, considering what a bright and eager student she is. Honestly, I could not have asked for more."

"[My student] is a pleasure to teach. We have a lot of fun during our classes together, and I believe she learns a lot. She is very polite and is always thanking me for the lessons. I very much enjoy [my student] both as a student and as a young friend. She is a bright, motivated and mature young woman."

"[My student] is a really enthusiastic student and she is a very hard worker. I can tell she really appreciates the opportunity to take these Skype classes and to improve her grammar and vocabulary."

"It's been a very eye-opening teaching and learning experience. What a great way to bring education to Afghanistan."

"[My student] is a great student and we really enjoy our lessons together. She has a wonderful work ethic and is eager to improve her English. "

"[My student] is a highly motivated student and was always eager to work in lessons."

"[My student] is such a pleasant individual to work with. Her positivity is such an inspiration. If only all my students were like her."

"[My student] is an enthusiastic student who enjoys studying and is willing to do more at home. Our conversations are lively and she asks many questions about the use of language."

"[My student] is wonderful. She is so enthusiastic and happy to learn English. She works hard and always does the homework that I send her. She’s a real pleasure. "

"A lovely student, I am so pleased to have her."

"[My student] is a wonderful student! She is very insightful during discussions and hard-working. I have very much enjoyed our lessons."

"[My student] is an excellent student, who is always on time and ready to learn."

"I just love [my student]. It has been a pleasure working with her and getting to know her not just as my student but as a young woman. "

"A lovely girl, who is a pleasure to teach. She also is wise beyond her years."

"My student is highly motivated and very interested in proper pronunciation and acquiring new vocabulary. I feel we are achieving excellent results."

"[My student] continues to be an outstanding student. She always puts forth her best effort during our lessons and isn't afraid to display her passion for learning. In addition, she has always been a very kind student in the sense that she makes sure I know how appreciative she is of our time together and how much she enjoys learning from me. I'm happy to be able to teach her and help her; she allows me to feel like I am making a difference."

"I am thrilled with [my student’s] progress. She has become much more relaxed with me and her reading and conversational English have improved greatly. She is a joy to work with!"

"[My student] is an excellent student and should be very proud of what she has accomplished thus far."