From Our Participants


“Learning English is like water, food and breath – vital for me.”

“It is the first organization in Kandahar Province in which we can study abroad from our own city – and we can learn about different cultures as well as improve our English skills.”

“My teacher brings me another life, she brings hope in my life and changes my life completely.”

"I have learned many things and now I have the ability to solve my problems which I had with my studies sometime and also I have gotten courage to communicate with people around me. This is the biggest reason that now I decide to teach a class as an English teacher at ACCC. I had the talent but now I also have the courage. Thanks a bundle for giving us such a wonderful and golden opportunity. Thanks a lot."

“It is very helpful for the Afghan students – especially in the current situation it is very necessary and we are in great need of the classes. Kindly please continue and never stop these classes.”

"I just want to thank those who work for improving of students' knowledge and those who work in having online English classes for students."

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Volunteer Teachers

"AIWR is an incredible organization that provides an amazing opportunity to Afghan women. I have been teaching English with AIWR for just over 2 months. Talking to my student is always a highlight of my week. She is so enthusiastic about learning English. Her motivation, considering all the odds she is up against, is inspirational! I have already recommended this program to many friends!"

"AIWR is making substantial and enduring contributions to girls' education in Afghanistan. The girls risk their lives every day to come to school and learn; they are eager, sincere, and courageous. It is a tremendous honor to connect with Afghan students and work with them to improve their English language reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. I LOVE this organization and our mission so much I've recruited others to teach and spend my free time sharing the word about AIWR's good work. Most of all, I am SO PROUD of our students. They ROCK."

"I work with AIWR's English Program in Afghanistan to offer long-distance ESL classes to Afghan women and girls living in Kandahar. Using Skype, I meet twice a week with my student, a bright and bubbly 13-year-old girl, to practice English conversation, promote cross-cultural understanding and simply talk about life. For me, and I hope for her, the experience has been nothing short of incredible."

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